What Women Really Think About Penis Size

Lexy 24: Honestly, I think the importance of penis size is greatly overblown. For me, it’s not a significant factor in my sexual satisfaction. What matters more is the connection I have with my partner and how we communicate our desires.
I value emotional intimacy, and if there’s mutual respect and chemistry, that’s what leads to a fulfilling experience. Technique, enthusiasm, and attentiveness in my partner are what truly enhances intimacy for me, not the size of his anatomy.

Pamela: 32 When I was in my 20s I think that a man’s dick size, was something I thought about quite a bit.

Well I probably fantasized about it a bit to be honest. lol. I dated quite a few guys who had decent sized dicks. So I was never overly concerned.

There was one guy I knew, from college¬†who had probably four inches, when he was fully hard, and I suppose if I’m being honest, the sex was a little disappointing.

And yes I do notice a difference if I am with a ‘bigger’ man. Can’t deny that….¬†Sorry. lol

Suzzy 29:

I’m quite a big girl myself, physically. So I tend to like a bigger guy. Ironically I have found that bigger guys actually have smaller penises. It’s one of those odd phenomenons I think.

I got engaged about two years ago to a guy who is probably slimmer than most of the man I have dated….his penis size is about 9 inches!

When it comes to penis size, I suppose like a lot of women it’s not a deal breaker. But it’s still quite important. If you’re six inches, you’re probably all right. If you’re bigger than six inches then, you’ll have nothing to worry about. Ha!

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