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Seduction & Dating Articles - I get e-mails every single day off you guys and I really do love it! I have recently been getting a lot of requests regarding the programs the seduction and dating guides that are out there on the market. I had tested and tried  a few of these guides but not very many. So in the last month's I have been purchasing and testing about 20 guides that are available on the internet. I can tell you that the quality of these guides is very different depending on who you purchase from. In the end I found 2 guides which are well worthy of a mention. There is the massive and quite frankly amazing AttractSexyWomen. Well If you are interested in seduction and dating I would check those sites out, especially the first one. Below you will some articles that I have put together and have been provided by various sites on dating! Enjoy!

Body Language - Using body language to get sexual partners.
Doesn't matter whether she is interested in you, you'll make her interested after a bit anyway:) But look for these signs to show you whether you're already making progress:) Body language can say a lot about you, it can tell others whether you are open for conversation, it can also help you know if someone is interested.
Cheating Wives - How to prevent this happening and why they cheat.

Do wives cheat on their husbands? You better believe it and the number that do is probably much higher than you might think. Some studies suggest that the number of married women who have an affair at some point could be as high as 60% but the average seems to be around 35% and still climbing.

Nag Nag Nag - That's all that's all that women seem to do, why?

I have a friend, let's call him Joe. His life is a living hell. He hates waking up in the morning and all day long he is trying to avoid is wife. He does all he can so he doesn't have to be around the old hag. Joe's life sounds familiar doesn't it? Why doesn't Joe want to be around her? Joe's wife is a great cook.

A Women With Insecurities - This can be very repulsive to most women.

This can be more repulsive than a woman who has to clean 24 hours a day because she constantly thinks the house is dirty. I'm sure you know what I mean, a woman who is always insecure about the relationship. She either thinks you  think she is fat, that her cooking is no good, or at worst you are cheating.