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Female Oral Sex - Being licked feels wonderful to women. There are a few women who don't find it pleasant, but most women just love it - if you do it right! The problem here is that according to women, a lot of men don't know how to give a woman pleasure through oral - so strap on your safety belts - as we tell you what women really like. An important thing to understand about women is that a lot of women are shy and kind of embarrassed about how their body looks. If the woman you're with isn't comfortable with her body, be reassuring but also dim or turn off the lights. This will help your partner to concentrate on what you're doing to her instead of worrying about how she looks to you.

After a nice long foreplay session, try moving down to your lover's inner thighs. This is one of a woman's most sensitive and erotic spots, although it is also one of the ones she worries the most about, appearance wise.  Try gently kissing her inner thighs, and licking them with a dry, pointed tongue. Light nibbles are good, too.  A few women are too ticklish to enjoy this. Don't force the issue or she'll be a nervous wreck instead of passionate. When you first move to your partner's vagina, do not do anything sudden. Try licking gently up and down her lips, not opening them, just licking them and maybe a very gentle nibble.  After a couple minutes, you can suck on them but never be rough or suck too hard.  Don't go further yet unless she urges you to or until you start hearing her breathing change or little moaning sounds.

Now you move on to the hood of skin covering her clitoris.  That is the little nub of flesh to the front her her vagina.  If a woman is excited, her clitoris will be hard.  If she is not totally excited, it will be soft and very small.  If it is not totally hard, or you are not sure, suck gently on the hood over her clit, not yet touching the clit itself.  You can use a finger from one hand to stroke her vaginal lips.  If you feel moisture on them, you can very gently insert just the very tip of your finger between her lips as you suck over her clit. After a little while - and don't rush - gently push back the skin so that the clitoris is exposed.  Be very gentle with it - there are a lot of nerve endings in this piece of flesh.  Gently suck it - VERY gently.  Alternate sucking with soft licking with the tip of your tongue.

Now here are a few things you can try in any random order you like and as she likes:

  • Try licking her clit in fast little circles
  • Insert your finger into her canal
  • Try licking in figure eight motions
  • Use both hands to hold her legs apart
  • Move the finger inside her like you were stirring a very small cup of coffee
  • Put a second finger inside of her and spread the two fingers gently apart, then together over and over
  • Lick her clit in a short, fast up and down motion
  • Push her legs into the air and hold them there

You can try other things, too.  Make sure to pay attention, because at some point, your partner will become more excited.  She may grab your head or start pulling your hair.  If she pulls your head toward her, try not to change what you are doing with your tongue any more.  A lot of men think that when a woman reaches her peak of excitement just before she climaxes that this would be a great time to add variety.  Don't.  This is a great time to keep doing exactly what turned her on the most. Something to note here is that if a man starts to orgasm and the physical stimulation that got him there is removed, he will probably continue his orgasm. This is not the case for women. If you stop licking her before she is done, her orgasm will stop in the middle, and she will be very, very frustrated.

Never use teeth on a woman unless it is gentle enough not to hurt. Use a gentle touch always, unless requested otherwise.  Be sure to pay attention so you'll know which things you did that she liked the best.  A man that gives great oral sex to a woman can bring her her greatest sexual pleasure.

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