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Doctors & Penis Enlargement- The following is a list of doctor recommendations for various penis enlargement sites. If you do come across sites that have doctor recommendations this does NOT mean the site is "exceptionally good" , the doctor might be just doing it for the money and is more than likely going to not even by a doctor but a student training to be a doctor. The following doctor recommendations are from sites that I consider to be reputable.

I do not personally agree with some of the things these doctors say. I believe in what I know works and that is what worked for me. I spent thousands enlarging my penis and I do not now believe in a program or pill site until I have tried it. You can read my penis enlargement story here.

Recommendation for Penis-Health

Penis-Health receives e-mails from doctors asking us to pay them a large sum of money to endorse our program. We do NOT need a doctor endorsement as we know our site works. Below you will find e-mails and doctor recommendations that we have received, without the need to "bribe" a doctor for an endorsement. If you wish to visit Penis-Health then click here

To: Penis-Health Support
From: Dr Sean C. Goater

Received: April 2002 via e-mail

Hi, I have been in the medical profession for some years now and I was somewhat taken aback by your claims. In my years of study and research I have never came across a program which "claimed" to solve the penis size problem. I decided to try your program as I personally desired a bigger manhood. I know from personal research that psychologically women subconsciously desire a man with a bigger penis. This as always made me feel self conscious about my size.

I was initially surprised at the quality of the member area. Having read through some of the techniques I noticed that your program includes techniques devised by Dr Kegel. I already knew that these techniques had been proven to increase girth and sexual stamina. After first experimenting with these techniques I concluded that your techniques really do work. I have experienced a dramatic increase in my sexual stamina. I now have the ability to control my penis muscles which allows me to prevent premature ejaculation. This as led to me lovemaking sessions being as long as I desire.

The techniques devised by Dr Kegel are just a very small part of your program. With the aid of the videos and pictures I learnt the other techniques and took advantage of my free consultation to get a workout targeted to my aims. After only a matter of weeks you could clearly tell that my penis was not only bigger in flaccid but in erect as well. On successful completion of the program I have found that my self-confidence is a lot higher. The Penis-Health program is truly unique and I would personally recommend this program on a personal and professional level to anyone. Many people in my profession shy away from talking or even researching programs like this, this is just plain ignorance. If a patient came to me and wanted advice on penis size I would recommend Penis-Health without a thought.

Thank you for my gains.

Dr Sean C. Goater, Phd

*** As well as many other exercises penis health contains exercises which have been proven to improve "erection hardness", "ejaculation control", "better orgasms" and girth of your penis. These exercises where originally designed by Arnold Kegel, MD. Most people don't realize that after Dr. Kegel spent a decade (1956-1976)  dealing with sexual dysfunctions and orgasm.

My name is Dr. Joel Richard. I want you to know the truth about penis enlargement to save you time and your money.. I have been in private practice for almost 30 years as a sex therapist and have helped thousands of men with erection difficulties and penis size. I introduced products for penis enlargement almost 30 years ago and had the first penis enlargement website in 1994.Now there are hundreds of websites promoting penis enlargement with no medical or scientific evidence.


Let me begin by telling you that surgery can make your penis look about a half inch longer but it is expensive, up to $10,000.00 and can cause infections and a deformed penis. With that out of the way let me say you really only have two choices. They are penis enlargement pills and penis vacuum pumps. But first


Instead of discussing my PROSOLUTION PILLS here I would prefer you view the website you are on now and learn how you can enlarge your penis with my pills.I do however want to answer those promoters who are critical of one of the ingredients in our formula.

Our herbal PROSOLUTION PILLS is produced to give you a premium quality scientifically formulated product that can help you achieve all of your penis enlargement goals.


There are websites that claim they have a doctor approved pill. But who is the doctor? Why isn't the doctors name mentioned? It amazes me how they make these claims. I am confident some government agency will stop them soon but as I said before it takes time to close them down. One more word of caution. Watch out for products from outside the USA. They may not meet the standard of products manufactured in the United States. You are not protected. and you have no guarantee of the ingredients contained in their pills.


After spending four months testing your program with various subjects, I am happy to say that I have accumulated enough data to give you a professional opinion on the manuals that you are offering through your company.

I am a psychology professor in a graduate program here in Holland. Around 6 months ago one of my students approached me with your program, explaining that he had been using the program for two weeks and had seen gains in size. Two of my students and I had been working on research into the effects of the Internet on sexual interaction, mainly among young people in the Netherlands who meet in Internet cafes or chat rooms and develop sexual relationships. We decided to pursue this program on our own, using undergraduate males to test the claims of my other male pupil.

Your site states that men can gain 1 to 3 inches in penis size within a 60 day period, and I would have to agree, seeing the results that we did. The average gain within 60 days among our 15 test subjects was 1.65 inches in erect length, which is well within your guaranteed results.

These tests were done totally independent to your website, and over the course of 4 months, with two separate and controlled batches of men. All of the youths were between ages 18 and 24 and were within "average" natural penis size, which is approximately 5.5 to 6.5 inches erect. 30% of the men were Asian-American (Indonesian), 10% were African-American, and the remaining men were Caucasian. All of the men saw similar gains, including the Asian-American men, who were closer to the bottom of the size range.

None of the men complained of any pain or other negative side effects. All of the men were given a 1-month period after completing your program, after which we followed up with them to determine if the results were lasting. As per your manuals' instructions, the men said that they retained all size gains, and only 3 men out of the total number said that they had lost a small amount of size, which we found to be around .15 inches on average. Please note that during this study we were concerned only with erect length, and used only specified length exercises from your program.

In addition to the size gains all of the men stated that they experienced increases in both erection strength and orgasm intensity. These results varied, but all men said that they both enjoyed sex more and felt "stronger" in their relations due to a very rigid penis.

Our main question to all these men, as they went through the program, was how they felt after gaining penis size. The results in all cases were that they youths felt more confident, even those who claimed that they did not consider themselves inadequate to begin with. Two of the youths said that they saw an increase in their sexual activity as a result of "word of mouth" gossip among the women they were engaging in relations with. The self-esteem improvement in all males involved was very noticeable. Many of them considered your program a great gift, and expressed thanks to us often during the process.

To those men considering your program, I would advise them to start immediately. The results and the associated benefits to men are priceless, and your membership cost is most modest. I was impressed with the professional layout, the understanding of natural penis enlargement and physiology displayed by Aaron Belmont, the author of most of your manuals, and the well-designed program structure. Having looked at other sites on the internet selling comparable programs, I can confidently say that your program is second-to-none, and that my students and I look forward to continuing our research in this area.

Dr. Manfred Wildschut, PhD